Values are the differentials that make companies and people unique and special. Here at Embraer they are noticeable in the way we work and the way we relate, in the way we produce our airplanes and market them, in the way we administer our business and how we engage our employees.

The Embraer Values were built collectively, involving our employees worldwide. That is why, more than revealing the truths on which our people base their behavior, the Values represent the deepest and furthest-reaching vision of what is, in essence, Embraer.

Discover the Embraer Values:

Our people are what makes us fly.

Our people are happy, competent, valued, fulfilled, and committed to what they do.
Their teamwork demonstrates integrity, coherence, respect and mutual trust.

We are here to serve our customers.

Customer loyalty is earned by ensuring their total satisfaction and by building strong and enduring relationships.
Partnerships are established based on real commitment and flexibility.

We strive for company excellence.

Company actions are aimed at simplicity, agility, flexibility and safety, while constantly striving for improvement and excellence. An entrepreneurial attitude is built on integrated planning, responsible delegation and disciplined execution.

Boldness and innovation are our hallmarks.

We seek state-of-the-art technology. We are an innovative and curious organization, capable of transforming from within and being influential in our markets. Strategic vision and the ability to overcome challenges, creatively and courageously, are at our core.

Global presence is our frontier.

We demonstrate a global presence and mindset, acting locally to leverage competitiveness and using the best of each location, envisioning a world without borders, one that values diversity.

We build a sustainable future.

We are constantly striving to build the foundation for the company's longevity, considering stockholders' profitability, respect for quality of life, environment and society.​

These values are genuinely present in the culture and routine of our employees, forming a solid foundation, based on ethics and integrity, from which Embraer will continue to develop science and technology, creating value for its customers, shareholders, employees, society and other stakeholders.​