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Embraer will continue to consolidate itself as one of the main global forces in the aeronautical and defense and security markets, a leader in its operational sectors and recognized for the levels of excellence in its corporate initiatives.


To create value for our shareholders through the complete satisfaction of our customers. This is our business. By creation of value, we mean the maximization of the value of the company and the guarantee of its perpetuity, with integrity in our actions, based on social and environmental awareness. Embraer’s operations are concentrated in three business areas and markets: Commercial Aviation, Executive Aviation, Defense & Security and Systems.​


We have outlined a strategic plan for each sector we operate in. This direction, along with our beliefs and values, guides our business and our day-to-day strategic decisions, at all levels of our corporate hierarchy

Commercial Aviation: to solidify our leadership position in each operational sector, expanding our customer base, working to perfect the E-Jet family and striving for excellence in our customer-support model.

Executive Aviation: to consolidate ourselves as one of the major manufacturers of executive jets in the world by conquering market share, investing in the development of new products and maintaining our elevated levels of customer satisfaction with regard both to the customer services and the after-sale support that we provide.

Defense Security: to be the main players in the defense and security chain in Brazil by diversifying our portfolio of products and services and expanding our international operations, as well as striving for excellence in customer support services.

Diversification: to invest in diversification of our business without neglecting the synergy of our core capacities.

Personnel, organization and processes: we are aiming to build a global organization that can grow in a sustainable way and that is a yardstick for innovation and corporate excellence, always committed to the satisfaction of our customers and the value of our people.

Brand of Embraer’s Enterprise Excellence Program (P3E)

One of the key features of our management model is the Embraer Enterprise Excellence Program, (Programa de Excelência Empresarial Embraer, P3E), through which the entire company works together to strive for the continuous improvement of results. The program consists of four basic pillars - Cultural Organization, Personnel Development, Leadership Development and Corporate Efficiency.

Innova Embraer brand

Thanks to an internal culture and processes that are designed to stimulate innovation, Embraer is recognized as being fertile ground for cutting-edge technology. The main tool for this is Programa Innova, which offers channels and opportunities that are perfect for the development and consolidation of innovative ideas. We also have a team exclusively dedicated to studying and enabling new technologies and processes aimed at adding value to the company. On average, we develop 40 to 50 projects a year, based on a periodic analysis of market requirements and the global technological scenario.

Innovation numbers

Good Ideia Brand

The creativity of our employees is encouraged as an established practice at Embraer under Good Idea, a suggestions program that has been running for 25 years, with 50,000 ideas implemented in the last 13 years alone. Our employees can contribute with suggestions on anything from process simplification, cost reduction, occupational health and safety and ergonomics to the environment.

"The main principle of the program is to give everybody a chance to put forward their ideas in the area in which they are the top specialists: their own processes, products and activities. Nobody understands more about a job activity than those that perform it, and nothing could be fairer than giving these people the opportunity to take part in deciding the best way of doing it. For everything and everybody, the success of the Good Idea Program is synonymous with our success. Onwards and upwards!”"
Artur Coutinho - Embraer COO

Good Ideia