Embraer is one of the world's main aircraft manufacturers, a position achieved due to the constant and determined pursuit of full customer satisfaction. With a global customer base and important internationally renowned partners, Embraer has been contributing, for over 40 years, to world integration through aviation, shortening distances between people and offering the most modern technology, versatility and comfort in airplane. The supplier’s selection criteria considers the following aspects: technical solutions, product quality, commercial and aftermarket support proposal, overall supplier performance, supplier expertise, company financial health, manufacturing capability and compliance with the terms of the Supply Agreement as well Embraer´s Compliance Program, which seeks to ensure the highest level of corporative integrity and ethic in our activities committed to the law, rules and policies.

If your company seeks opportunities to do business with Embraer, the first action you should take is register into “E-Supply”.

The E-Supply is a collaborative environment web portal with suppliers, which provides real-time interactivity in supply chain processes, agility, integrity and security of information according to Embraer compliance policies.


If you have questions, contact our support department:
Telephone: +55 11 2175-3600