In order to set remuneration for our staff, we take into consideration factors such as the complexity of their duties, the individual’s professional performance and compatibility with salaries elsewhere in the market, established by means of periodically executed surveys. Our Brazil-based employees and their dependents are covered by a health plan that includes doctor’s visits, therapies, laboratory tests and unlimited hospital stays, in compliance with current legislation. Other benefits include: dental insurance, food and transportation allowances, day care and drug store discounts, 180 days of maternity leave, aid for the parents of children with disabilities, life insurance and a pension plan, among others.


    A Our Promotion and Salaries plan enables individual employees to view their careers and perspectives for development and professional growth in the company. Fixed remuneration is set based on the local realities of the labor market and is reflected in salary scales that attribute a relative value to positions within the company. Fixed remuneration within the company is established on a country-by-country basis.


    Variable remuneration is linked to the company’s results, as well as those of the employees themselves. These results are measured periodically based on a planning process carried out and agreed upon between the company and its employees. Variable remuneration aligns individual objectives with those of the company and represents a true system of partnership and sharing of the wealth generated that encourages everybody to exceed their targets


    We offer all employees and their dependents a broad benefits package that follows - and, in some cases, surpasses best - market practices

    • • Health Plan
    • • Aid to parents of disabled children
    • • Dental Plan
    • • Drug Store Discounts
    • • Personal Insurance
    • • Vaccination Program
    • • Pension Plan (Embraer Prev)
    • • Food Allowance
    • • Transportation Allowance
    • • Day care
    • • Maternity leave
    • • Hospital Companion Benefit
    • • Transfer Benefit
    • • Credit Co-op
    • • Embraer Sports Association (Associação Desportiva Classista Embraer, ADCE)
    • • Christmas Hamper

    * Programs and benefits applicable only to employees that work at Embraer units in Brazil.