Our Values Unite Us, Influence ourBehavior, Leverage our Results and Ensure the Perpetuity of our Company.

    • our People Are What Make Us Fly
    • we Are Here To Serve Our Customers
    • we Strive For Company Excellence
    • boldness And Innovation Are Our Hallmarks
    • global Presence Is Our Frontier
    • we Build A Sustainable Future

    Special Benefits And Practices:

    We offer all employees and their direct dependents an extensive benefits package which, in some cases, surpasses the best practices within the market. Our key offerings include:

    • Medical, dental, vision insurance
    • Company-paid term life insurance
    • Voluntary additional life insurance coverage
    • Company-paid short and long term disability programs
    • Company-paid long term care coverage
    • Voluntary additional long term care coverage for dependents
    • Voluntary benefits such as cancer insurance, universal life and critical accident
    • Same-sex domestic partner benefits
    • 401(k) retirement plan with 100% company matching contribution up to 6% of eligible compensation
    • Paid holidays, vacation, sick and personal time
    • 8 hours paid time off for volunteering in the community
    • Employee Assistance program
    • On site Health Coach, wellness and work/life balance counseling and support
    • On site complimentary health screening programs, annual flu shots, CPR training and blood pressure checks
    • Subsidized on site cafeteria
    • On site gym facilities
    • College tuition reimbursement
    • Portuguese classes
    • Employee activities such as parties, picnics, barbecues and bowling
    • Most Valued Employee of the Year recognition program
    • On the Spot recognition awards
    • Dry cleaning services
    • On site ATM machine
    • Casual Day on Fridays
    • 9/80 schedules in some sites
    • Tobacco-free workplace
    Please click here for a visual presentation of our Total Rewards Package

    Embraer’s compensation strategy is an important tool for attracting, retaining and engaging our employees.

    In support of our business objectives, Embraer provides a total cash compensation program that offers competitive levels of base and variable pay. Base pay levels are competitive with the external job market in which we compete for talent and are reflective of the internal value of each position. Our program is designed to provide the flexibility to appropriately motivate and reward individual and group performance and support Company objectives.

    The objectives of our compensation program are:
    • Performance-based: Links compensation to performance.
    • Market competitiveness: Our salary ranges are established at levels that allow us to attract and retain exceptional people. Our salaries are competitive with the appropriate job markets and address the industry and geographies.
    • Internally Equitable: Our job evaluation system identifies, analyzes and measures jobs within our internal structure and analyzes their relative ranking and worth.
    • Legally compliant and administered with consistency and fairness.
    • An important part of the total rewards offered to our employees.
    Key Components:
    • Fixed Remuneration – base salary. Fixed remuneration is based on the competencies, skills, knowledge and experience required for each position.
    • Variable Remuneration – variable pay. Variable remuneration is directly linked to results achieved by the Company and employees.

    Our Variable Remuneration program shares a portion of Embraer’s profit directly with our employees and is based on objective criteria and measurable performance. This program is linked to company results and encourages improvement in productivity, quality, and organizational development through employee involvement, commitment, and improved performance.


    Embraer's career development philosophy is that every employee is in charge oftheir career. To support their development, Embraer is committed to providing all employees with the tools necessary to align their interests and talents with Embraer's vision, values and strategies.

    Embraer offers a broad range of career opportunities and believes in fostering an environment that helps all employees realize their full potential. “Your Flight Plan at Embraer” isdesigned as a framework to help employees navigate the different career options.

    We offera career development portal for use as a tool and resource to support our employees' ongoing development needs.

    At Embraer, we believe that developing our people is critical to our continued success in a highly competitive marketplace. As we look toward the future, we believe that the key differentiator for Embraer will be the quality of the talent within our organization. We provide five different paths toward development.

    Please click here to review our five career paths.

    Embraer offers tuition reimbursement in support of the employee's pursuit of their education and professional development.



    The P3E program has proven to be an effective tool for overcoming obstacles as it has united all the employees globally in the pursuit of results improvement. The structure of the program is based on the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which allows for a general optimization of the productive architecture and for the introduction of the best manufacturing practices used in the world’s aerospace segment.

    The P3e Pillars:

    • The development of the Embraer organizational culture;
    • People development;
    • Continuous formation of leadership and management abilities;
    • The pursuit of excellence and efficiency in all Embraer processes.

    To implement the P3E program, the employees were organized into over 400 continuous improvement cells, thus involving all processes, value flow, and all Embraer units throughout the world. Each cell advances through phases, moving through a certification process that starts with basic qualification and graduating to the bronze, then to the silver and finally to the gold level, according to the cell’s evolution.

    The P3E is based on the Lean philosophy (which seeks waste and non-added value reduction) to raise the productivity gains and optimize processes, usingthe kaizen methodology. In 2013, more than 4200 kaizen projectswerecompleted, and for 2014, the expectation is that over 5000 kaizen projects will be accomplished.​

    Since one of the P3E pillars is people, we worked hard to train cell members, continuous improvement agents and leadership in 2011, preparing our company to face future challenges.