We believe that the future of the world and the perpetuity of our business depends directly on the position we adopt towards society. It is no coincidence that this belief is explained in one of our corporate values ? “We build a sustainable future” ?, which reflects the commitment we have made to conduct our business by always aligning economic objectives with socioenvironmental aspects. Accordingly, Embraer is increasingly positioning itself as a sustainable company, which really contributes to the development of society and keeps a careful eye on the environment. Sustainability management at Embraer is supported by two major processes: sustainability strategies and communications regarding sustainability. Our sustainability strategies are the concrete expression of the explicit commitment in our values and our strategic planning. Their origin comes from the materiality matrix, developed after consultations with stakeholders and the company leadership. From these subject areas, indicators and targets are defined in conjunction with the different areas of the company that form part of the sustainability master plan. Communications around sustainability give transparency to the initiatives developed within the company, as well as achieving external recognition for these initiatives.




Embraer aims to engage in debates with civil society and to contribute to the formation of public policies regarding subjects that are of interest to it, always in keeping with its compliance program and its code of ethics and conduct. This practice is also applied to sustainability. Among the initiatives that Embraer is part of or champions, some that stand out are: the Global Pact of the United Nations (UN); the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, which the company helped to found; the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP); the Corporate Sustainability Index (Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial, ISE); and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.