In 2001, the Embraer Education and Research Institute was founded, thus establishing the company’s structured process of private social investment. Our premise is that education is the grounds for achieving the full development of a society.

Accordingly, all the initiatives of the Embraer Institute are aimed at education, with resources from the company, its only sponsor.

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Recognized as a yardstick in education, these offer the three grades of high school to young people coming out of the public primary school system. Besides scholarships, the students receive free uniforms, teaching material, food and transportation allowances.

Responsabilidade Social

Juarez Wanderley Embraer High School, in São José dos Campos. With capacity for 600 students, this high school once again achieved impressive results in 2013, thus showing the success of the initiative:

  • • 100% of the students who concluded their studies were accepted into at least one university, 86% of them at public institutions.

    • 8th place in the ranking of the São Paulo State National High School Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio, ENEM);

    • 27th place in the national ENEM ranking;

    • 3,900 youths competed for the 200 places offered by the school for the first grade of high school.

Responsabilidade Social

Casimiro Montenegro Filho Embraer High School, in Botucatu.Inaugurated in February 2013, with an investment of approximately BRL 5 million, the high school has capacity for 360 students. The pedagogic project is the same as that of the Juarez Wanderley unit, which includes ten hours of daily classes focused on academic excellence, preparation for university and professional guidance and environmental and sociocultural education.

Responsabilidade Social Responsabilidade Social Responsabilidade Social Responsabilidade Social  


Through its Scholarship Fund, Embraer helps ex-students from the Embraer high schools who study at universities far from the São José dos Campos region and who do not have the necessary resources to cover their accommodation and eating expenses.
The company contributes 25% of the resources of the Fund, and the rest comes from partner companies, from around 800 employees who make voluntary donations, and from ex-scholarship holders who, after joining the labor market, start to contribute, repaying the amount they received throughout their courses.


The Social Partnership Program (Programa Parceria Social, PPS): launched in 2004, this is based on the tripod of the Embraer Institute, social organizations and Embraer employee volunteers, and it chooses and sponsors the best projects that develop initiatives revolving around education. The aim is to engage civil society in identifying and solving problems, as well as training non-profit social organizations in conceiving and developing educational projects.

]: through its website, it encourages and empowers a corporate volunteer culture both inside and outside Embraer. Initiatives supported by the program include those developed by the Embraer Institute and by public or private entities certified by the company, which announce volunteer opportunities, such as medication drives, the donations of tax invoices in São Paulo, the donation of Christmas hampers, etc

The entrepreneurial projects are carried out in partnership with public schools in the regions around Embraer and they aim to encourage the social, economic and professional development of young people.



Embraer maintains a Stakeholder Engagement Policy with clear principles and guidelines that must be adopted for each engagement conducted by the Company, all over the world.

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